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Unity Candle - No Limit

Unity Candle - No Limit (ATP-NOLIMUNITY)


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This Unity Candle bears the following words

Love knows no limit
to its endurance,
no end to its trust.
Love stands
when all else
has fallen.

Size: 12cm x 6.5cm (Approx)

And can be personalised with the couples name on the front and a message on the reverse of the candle.

Celebrate the union of your lives with the symbolic
Unity Candle Ceremony

During the ceremony, the bride and groom
pick up candles lit by their respective mothers
and light the centre candle.

The following is a suggestion to be read
by the minister,
Master of ceremonies, or spoken aloud by the
bride and groom.

As we light this candle,
let it represent the unity of our lives
from this moment on.
As this one light cannot be divided,
neither shall our lives be divided.
May the radiance of this one light
Be a testimony of our unity.

Unity Candle - No Limit

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Unity Candle - No Limit Unity Candle - No Limit
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