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Shut The Box

Shut The Box (WH-TB/00884)


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This classic dice game will enthrall young gamers for hours. Perfect for individual or family play, this is a simple, educational and fun activity for age 3years+ which will never get boring!

Two dice and nine numbered flaps make up this clever game of skill and fortune. Each player takes it in turn to throw the dice. Each time the dice is thrown the player may close one or more flaps with a total value that matches the combined value of the two dice. For example if a player throws a five and a four, they could close either just the flap marked '9', or both the '5' & '4' or '6' & '3' or '2', '3' and '4' or any other combination.

If you cannot close a flap or flaps to the value of the dice, the turn passes to your opponent. The object is to finish your turn, leaving as few flaps open as possible. A small wager often adds fun to the result! Instructions included.

Shut The Box

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Shut The Box Shut The Box
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