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Rhino White (WH-DM/RB58W)


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Luckily these little cuddly rhino's aren't dangerous at all unlike their giant real life relatives. These little softies love nothing more than play time and a hug.

These Rhino soft toys are handmade using the highest quality materials and are available as two different species. The black Rhino which is dark grey in colour with the white Rhino a much paler and lighter grey tone. Each one is designed to look like their long lost real life cousins.

These adorable little animals are bound to grab the affections of any little animal lover and make a great gift for any child with a passion for nature.

As with all Dowman's Soft touch toys, these lovely rhino's are fairly traded with the people and countries who manufacture them.

Both rhino's measure 18 cm long and 8 cm tall standing on all four legs.

Please note: The two rhino's are available as the black rhino or the white rhino. These are the names of the species. Our White Rhino is actually a light grey colour, whereas our Black Rhino is actually dark grey

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Rhino Rhino Rhino

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