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Personalised Christmas Sweetie Jar

Personalised Christmas Sweetie Jar product image
Personalised Christmas Sweetie Jar product image

Personalised Christmas Sweetie Jar

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Product Details

This personalised Christmas sweet jar is full of fond memories as it is packed with different types of tasty retro sweets we all loved as kids.

Both jars contain all of your oldschool favourites like love hearts, black jacks, parma violets, fruit salads, cola bottles and many more. (contents varies depending on size of Jar)

Plus there is an extra special surprise for the recipient, the bright and colourful label on the jar is completely personalised with:

  • A greeting/occasion (Happy Christmas, I love you etc)
  • The First Name of the recipient
  • A special message from you.

Inside the jar they will find many different types of sweets to suck, lick, bite and chew on.

Contents may vary slightly, but pack include:

Super Shrimps
Cola Bottles
Jelly Babies
Foam Bananas
Fried Eggs
Flying Saucer
Chocolate Coins
Candy Canes
Mini Love Heart Rolls
Parma Violets
Refresher Chews
Drumstick Lollies
Double Candy Lollies
Double Dip Sherbet
Bag of Gob Stoppers
Pack Candy Sticks
Candy Necklaces
choc coins
Popping Candy
Candy Whistles
Bag Rainbow Drops
Mega Jazzies

Suitable for big kids aged 8 and over.


The Small Jar is 1.8 litres in size and holds 12 different types of sweeties.

The Large Jar is 4 litres in size and contains 24 different types of sweeties.

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