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Personalised Newtons Cradle

Personalised Newtons Cradle (SE-SO/ZFR12)


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This must be one of the oldest Executive Toys available, Newton's cradle.

It was named after Sir Isaac Newton, and is used to demonstrate conservation of momentum and energy via a set of swinging spheres.

The Newton's cradle is made up of a series of identically sized metal balls hanging in a metal frame and they are set so that they just touch when stationary, then when the end one is moved a allowed to bounce on the next ball a chain reaction is started.

A great one for a desk as this executive ball clicker is a great thinking device!

Make this Newtons Cradle a little bit special by having it engraved with a personal message of 2 lines of 25 characters.

Size: 13 x 12 cm approx

Personalised Newtons Cradle

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Personalised Newtons Cradle Personalised Newtons Cradle Personalised Newtons Cradle

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