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Hulk Colour Change Glass

Hulk Colour Change Glass (WH-PA/PP2987MA)


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Any fan of Marvel is sure to enjoy their drink a whole lot more when they use this fantastic Incredible Hulk themed colour change glass.

The glass features the unforgettable and incredibly iconic Marvel hero The incredible Hulk, this superhero theme glass changes colour whenever a cold drink is added to it. When the glass is at room temperature, the formidable figure of Hulk appears in an off white colour, but when a cold drink is poured into the glass, The Hulk transforms into his more familiar comic book green.

As well as the image of The Incredible Hulk, the reverse of the glass features the Hulk fist logo. This glass is a must have item for any young marvel fan!

The Hulk Colour Change Glass is not suitable for dishwasher or microwave use.
Hulk Colour Change Glass

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Hulk Colour Change Glass
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