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Hen Night Signature Plate

Hen Night Signature Plate (WH-DA/SSQ112)


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Hen Night Signature Plate

Perfect keepsake from a special Hen Night.

Here come the girls ... and here are their autographs to prove it! This fabulous hand painted Hen Night Signature Plate is decorated with the words 'Hen Night', along with two wicked red horns and a 3 pronged devil's fork.

Use the plate to write whatever you wish, whether it be special messages from fellow hens or just the date and location. Then allow it to dry for 24 hours. Once dry, bake it in a domestic oven for 35 minutes to seal your messages until Hell itself cools over!

The great thing about this plate is you can add message from friends who can't be at the hen night, they just need to write the message, leave to dry and bake, you can repeat the process over and over if you wish!

Once sealed, you can use your Hen Night Signature Plate like any other. It is fully washable, too.

Measuring 32.5cm in diameter, your Hen Night Signature Plate comes with its own special baking pen and full instructions.

What a fun way to remember at least some of the Hen Party!
Hen Night Signature Plate

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