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The Role Of Usher Should Be Rewarded With A Special Gift

Playing the role of usher at a wedding is one that should not be taken lightly. It is a great honour to be asked to be an usher at a friend or relative's wedding and is something that shows how valued you are to the groom.

Ushers in their wedding atire

The usher has many responsibilities at the wedding assisting the best man and the groom with their duties for the day as well as having their own responsibilities for the day. Like the best man, the ushers can enjoy the fancy suits, being pictured in the wedding photographs, all of the attention from guests (predominantly that of the female!) as well as playing a key role in the wedding. However, the best thing about it is that this all comes without the stress of organising a memorable stag do and of course the nerve-wracking performance of the best man speech!

With this said there are some important duties that the ushers must carry out, this largely depends on the preference of the bride and groom but traditional duties include; arriving first at the wedding ceremony venue whether that’s a church, a hotel or on a beach! They should be there before any guests to ‘usher’ them to their seats, traditionally guiding the bride’s family and friends to one side and the groom’s to the other.  They are also required to hand out any important information such as the order of service and any other information that the guests should require. They are then on hand for anything that the best man and more importantly the groom should require during the rest of the day but apart from that they can relax and enjoy the celebrations, feeling happy and fulfilled knowing they have been part of a memorable occasion.

So, how do you thank your ushers for all their hard work? Usher Gifts can be found in all sorts of styles that will suit a variety of tastes and budgets. Items that display the word usher are a great reminder of the occasion whether it’s a hip flask, a pair of cufflinks, a photo frame or simply an usher mug! Personalise your gift with an engraved message expressing your gratitude; an Engraved Pint Pewter Tankard is a wonderful gift whether it is used to drink from or just to show off on display at home.

For the younger generation, Usher Gifts that are fun and quirky will go down a treat. How about a Personalised Football Team Magazine Cover where you can make your usher the latest big signing for their favourite team! A Personalised Football Caricature is also a great gift for the avid footie fan and will be sure to give them a laugh! Personalised Beer Labels will be appreciated by any beer lover and will add a touch of fun to any party!

For special Usher Gifts, you can splash out on a beautiful Gold Pocket Watch which can be personalised with a short message or name. An Engraved Crystal Star is a perfect way to tell somebody what a star they are and this makes a wonderful keepsake gift to treasure the memory of the day.

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