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Wooden Clock Puzzle

Wooden Clock Puzzle (WH-TB/23099)

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A wooden clock face with numbered cogs that spin together. The clock face itself is a large spinning cog with two free spinning clock hands at the centre.

It's surrounded by twelve wooden pegs that are ready to have the numbered wooden gears placed over the top so that their teeth interlock with the central cog.

Turn any part of this clock model and all of the numbers around the outer edge will spin. It's a great toy that's perfect for helping children learn to tell the time.

  • Wooden clock made from cogs
  • Numbered gears slot onto pegs around edge
  • All numbers spin when central cog turns
  • Free-moving minute and hour hands
  • Excellent educational aid
  • Board 20cm wide
Wooden Clock Puzzle

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Wooden Clock Puzzle
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