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Room on the Broom 4 in 1 Game Cube

Room on the Broom 4 in 1 Game Cube product image

Room on the Broom 4 in 1 Game Cube

Product Details
This Room on the Broom box feature 4 games in 1. It will give the lucky little girl or boy hours of fun and enjoyment. The games included are called 'Matching Bingo', 4 shapes-in-a-Row, 'Snap' and 'Twisted Pairs'.

How To Play:

Matching Bingo -
Each player takes a bingo board and a handfull of tokens. Shuffle the picture cards and place them face down. Start by turning over the top card showing all the players, if any player has the same matching picture on their bingo board they can mark it with a token. The winner is the first player to get 5 tokens in a row on their board.

Snap -
Deal out the cards between all the players. Each player should have a pile of card in front of them that are face down. To start, one player must turn their top card over and place it into the centre of the table, then the next person does the same and so on, if the cards match then it's the first player to shout 'Snap' wins the pile of cards. The winner is the person who finishes with all of the cards.

4 Shapes-in-a-row -
You'll need a 4 shapes in a row board, a set of tokens and the spinner. Start by spinning the spinner and placing a token on an empty space that matches the spinner. If you spin a colour, place a token an any empty that matches that colour. If you spin a shape, place a token on that shape. If you spin 'steal 1' you take a token from another players board. The winner is the player who has 4 tokens in a row.

Twisted Pair -
Shuffle the cards and place them individually face down on a big table or floor. Take it in turns to turn a card over, the aim is to find two matching cards. The winner is the player who finds the most pairs.

This game is designed for children aged 3+