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Name A Box Of Chocolates

Name A Box Of Chocolates (RC-CC17)


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Choose from over 40 different chocolates to create a unique and special selection of sumptuous choccies, the perfect gift for a chocoholic. After you've chosen your chocolates, register your selection with the Chocolate Foundation Database to create a unique and personal gift.

Your box will contain 10 luxury chocolates chosen by you from over 40 available varieties. The delicious handmade chocolates will be chosen from a quality colour brochure with pictures and detailed descriptions of each chocolate. Simply let us know which ones you'd like once you've received your gift pack and then we'll send out your chosen combination.

Your personal choice of chocolates will be registered on the Chocolate Foundation database where that unique selection will always be named after you.

Your gift pack includes one box of your chosen selection which you will receive within 7 days of us receiving your registration card. You can purchase additional boxes of your chosen chocolates at an additional price should you wish to do so.

Pack Contents
The 'Name a Box of Chocolates' Gift Pack contains:

  • 'Chocolate Foundation' Chocoholics Certificate
  • Brief history of Chocolate
  • Full colour brochure of 40+ chocs to choose from
  • 'Chocolate Heaven' book by Heather Morris
  • Raw Chocholate Revolution scratch and sniff notepad from detox world.
  • Chocolate Recipes
  • Registration Card to inform us of the selection of chocolates you/the recipient would like to receive
Name A Box Of Chocolates

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Name A Box Of Chocolates Name A Box Of Chocolates
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