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Marvel Avengers 3D Lenticular Coasters

Marvel Avengers 3D Lenticular Coasters (WH-PA/PP2980MA)

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Traditionally the Avengers protect the planet Earth, however through these great coasters they can protect the surfaces of your home!

These 3D coasters are a perfect gift for any Marvel enthusiast that also likes to keep their sides safe from the dangers of cup marks and tea stains.

The 8 coasters feature a lenticular surface which gives the images a brilliant 3D effect.

With designs featuring Iron Man's mask, Thor's hammer, Captain America's shield and the Hulk's huge green fist, the Marvel Avengers 3D Coasters are a great piece of memorabilia for any fan of all things Avengers.

Includes 8 coasters with 4 different designs.
Marvel Avengers 3D Lenticular Coasters

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Marvel Avengers 3D Lenticular Coasters
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