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Kitten Giggle Ball

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Kitten Giggle Ball

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Plush Kitten toy with cartoonish features and a rounded ball-like body.

Press the button on its hand and the kitten starts to meeow before breaking out in a fit of excited giggles. As it laughs the kitten starts shaking and moving around the surface it sits on.

The laughter is infectious and you cant help but giggle along with this crazy ball of fluff.

With such a soft body and attention grabbing interactive features, the Giggle Ball kitten makes a hilarious gift for children or adults of any age.

  • Plush kitten toy
  • Ball-like with cartoonish features
  • Press hand to trigger giggles
  • Laughs and shakes
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries
  • 18.5cm tall
  • 18 months plus
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