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Kerfuffle (WH-PLG/4455)


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Kerfuffle is a great game that will entertain the whole family. It's a great gift for anyone aged 8-108, so whether you're buying for your child or your grandma on a special birthday or Christmas, you can be sure that lots of fun and laughter will be had when playing.

The aim of the game... Roll your dice and try to create a pair, three of a kind, for of a kind, etc., or a straight by lining up your dice with the dice already on the game grid. But, here's the catch, you need to do this while doing what the drawn card says! You might get lucky and only have to start your turn with a three of a kind. Or, you might have to "whistle while you work!" First player to get rid of all their dice wins in this laugh out loud strategy game for the whole family.


25 Blue dice
25 Red dice
25 Green dice
25 White dice
1 Purple dice 60 activity cards

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