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Diabolo (WH-TB/02359)


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Amazing stunts can be performed by spinning the plastic diabolo on the string and using the handles to manipulate the movement.

The most basic act of diabolo manipulation is to cause the spool to spin while it is suspended from the string. This is commonly achieved by dragging the string across the axle in such a way that the friction causes the spool to roll. By repeatedly lifting one of the handsticks while providing slack with the other the RPMs can be increased as the cup "rolls" down the string, the lifting hand is typically the users dominant hand, Eg left/right. This method is known as acceleration.

Further increases in speed are obtained by a variety of techniques, including power whips; accelerations, such as Chinese acceleration and loop acceleration; power burners; and orbit tricks.

Once speed is built up, the diaboloist typically performs a routine based on various tricks outlined below. The best diaboloists can work these tricks smoothly into one another and keep the diabolo in a constant motion without having to pause to speed up the spin again. The diabolo will stay balanced as long as there is speed


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Diabolo Diabolo Diabolo
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