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App-Player (WH-CH/07007)

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Tradition meets technology in this board-game/smartphone revolution!

Play four addictive games on one board and use your smartphone to play through App-Player's very own apps.

Forget stacks of game cards that need shuffling and dealing, virtual game cards appear on your phone so you can get playing quickly and easily.

Only one phone is needed to play so don't worry if some players aren't up-to-date with technology yet!

Keep track of your team's score using the board's counter system.

Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Android Smart Phones.

How it works:

Download App-Player games onto your Smart Phone then select the one you'd like to play.

Adjust settings (timer period, sound effects etc) then simply start playing - the virtual game cards appear on the screen.

Earn counters and add them to your team's section of the board.

1: Humm Bug
You hum it... I’ll guess it!
Humm Bug is the original musical humming game that is fantastic fun for players of all ages. With hundreds and hundreds of memorable tunes to challenge you – you won’t believe how a tune can be murdered! In the App-Player version it’s a race to successfully hum a song from each of the last five decades... and all played against the clock too!

2: Tension
The zany crazy naming game
Tension... the game in which you have to name examples to given subjects against the clock - except that only the answers matching those on the ‘card’ will earn you points!

3: Masquerade
Charades... but not as you know it!
Where it all began... the first ever game in the Cheatwell range... this is the board game version of charades in which nothing is predictable and anything and everything goes!

4: Great Big Trivia
Questions... questions... questions!
Packed with thousands of questions, this is the ultimate quiz game... to make it suit all ages and abilities you can select the level of difficulty, the time limit and whether to play multiple choice.


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